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SJB Safety Training

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Terms and Conditions

1 Quotations

Quotations are valid for 3 months from date of the quotation. Once agreed SJB Safety Training will provide training for the value of the quotation for a period of 12 calendar months from commencement of the first course. However, materials such as books, certificates and training supplies are subject to change as marketplace dictates.

2 Payment

Payment of fees to be made via BACS or bank transfer within 15 consecutive days from date of Invoice. Cheques will only be excepted with prior arrangement made before commencement of training. Certificates will not be issued until the receipt of full payment.

3 Mileage Fees

Currently Mileage fee is £0.45 per mile and is charged from and back to OX29 8QP.

4 Training Materials

Any Training Materials supplied, including books, certificates will remain the property of SJB Safety Training until payment of invoice has been received. Reference books supplied will be the latest available from recognised awarding bodies such as Qualsafe, FAA etc.

5 If we have to postpone at short notice

Unfortunately, sometimes events may occur beyond our control, for example illness, vehicle breakdown or family emergency. In which case we will let you know as soon as we possibly can and rearrange a new date as soon as we can at no extra cost to you.

6 If you have to postpone at short notice

If you have to postpone your course at short notice, please let us know as soon as possible before the day of the course to avoid charges. Postponement on the day of training or after the trainer has arrived at the venue will incur a charge to cover loss of fees. A new date will be arranged as soon as possible at no extra charge.

7 Cancellation

Cancellations of courses more than 5 working days before the course will receive no charges. However, if you have paid a deposit this will be retained to cover the cost of course materials etc. Cancellations 5 working days or less before the course will be charged at a full day’s rate (as per quotation) plus any cost of materials purchased.

8 Venues

It your responsibility to provide a safe, clean and suitable venue for the training, which must be adequately lit, ventilated and heated. Have access to clean toilets and somewhere to make hot drinks. Have enough space to seat the number of candidates and the trainer(s) comfortably. Current Fire Precautions and Emergency Evacuation must be explained to the trainer upon arrival as must any other matter that might arise for Health & Safety. For First Aid courses there must be sufficient space on a clean and level floor to conduct practical training. Any electrical equipment provided by the venue must be PAT tested and be in a good and safe working order.

9 Candidates

Candidates must not attend a course if they are feeling unwell, showing symptoms of COVID 19 or Flu. Any candidate showing symptoms will be asked to leave the course immediately. Candidates attending practical courses must inform the trainer of any health problems that may cause an issue or possible further injury, the trainer retain the right to refuse the candidate to attend a course if they feel the candidate might put themselves or others at risk of injury or harm. Any disruptive behaviour, abuse of any kind by a candidate towards the trainer or other candidates will result in the immediate removal of the candidate from the course.

10 Assessment Process

All assessments will be carried out as set out by the awarding body for that particular course. All trainers and assessors will have the appropriate qualifications for the courses they deliver and will have been monitored every 12 months by a qualified IQA assessor. If a candidate is not satisfied with the outcome of their assessment, they have the right to appeal the decision, in the first instance with the trainer/assessor at the time of the assessment, who will explain their decision and put this in writing at the candidate’s request.

If the candidate is still not satisfied with the outcome, they have the right to appeal to the Lead Trainer of SJB Safety Training within 5 working days of the assessment. The Lead Trainer will review the assessment and reply with their decision via email or writing within 5 days of receipt.

If the candidate still does not agree with appeal, they have the right to contact the awarding body for the qualification. SJB Safety Training will provide the Awarding all the information require. The decision of the Awarding Body is final.

11 Accredited Courses

All accredited courses will be conducted in accordance with the Awarding Body and will follow guidelines as set for numbers attending and time of duration.

Current numbers for attendance for accredited courses are as following.

First Aid maximum of 12 candidates.

Health & Safety, Manual Handling, Safeguarding, Fire Safety maximum of 15 candidates.

City & Guilds Winter Service 680 Health and Safety maximum of 8 candidates.

City & Guilds Winter Service 613 Training/Assessment Day maximum of 2 candidates.

Lantra Winter Service Health and Safety Day, maximum of 8 candidates.

Lantra Winter Service Practical Assessment Day, maximum of 2 candidates.

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