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MiDAS is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, which has been the gold standard for enhancing the safety and care of passengers for nearly 30 years. The scheme provides a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of drivers to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to provide safe, legal and comfortable journeys to passengers.

MiDAS is available to any organisation operating or using minibuses. Organisations that train their drivers in MiDAS range from small voluntary organisations with one vehicle, to local authorities operating large fleets of minibuses as well as schools, colleges and universities.

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MiDAS Standard


What is it?


MiDAS is the gold standard training scheme for minibus drivers in the community transport sector and beyond, ensuring that minibus drivers are able to provide safe, legal and comfortable journeys.


Who is it for?


MiDAS is suitable for anyone who is required to drive a minibus as part of their role. That might be a volunteer who drives occasionally for a local community group or a paid driver working full time.


How is it delivered?


Online theory course and theory assessment

Module 1 – Introduction to MiDAS

Module 2 – The Minibus

Module 3 – Driver Licensing

Module 4 – Minibus Driving Tips

Module 5 – Reversing & Manoeuvring

Module 6 – The Journey

Module 7 – Legal Responsibilities

Module 8 – Breakdown, Collision & Evacuation Procedures

Module 9 – Theory Assessment

Module 10 – Next steps


90 minutes of interactive and engaging E-Learning, covering the legal responsibilities of drivers and the essential theoretical knowledge needed to provide safe, legal and comfortable journeys.


Individual Practical Session

In a minibus working individually with a Driver Assessor. This session provides drivers with an opportunity to ask any questions they have based on their online course and is tailored to their needs and ability.


Driving Assessment

Up to 45 minutes in a minibus being assessed to the nationally recognised MiDAS Standard.

MiDAS Accessible


What is it?


Additional optional training for drivers on how to assist and support passengers with disabilities. MiDAS Standard is a prerequisite for completing MiDAS Accessible.


Who is it for?


MiDAS Accessible is suitable for any drivers who will be transporting passengers who need additional support and driving minibuses which have specialist equipment such as passenger lifts and ramps. Drivers must have passed the MiDAS Standard course before completing MiDAS Accessible.


How is it delivered?


The course combines classroom-based learning with practical demonstrations and practices which cover topics such as:


Passenger awareness and assistance

Assisting passengers who travel in their wheelchairs

Boarding and alighting a vehicle using a passenger lift or ramp

Securing passengers seated in wheelchairs using wheelchair tie-down equipment and passenger safety belts

Drivers will then undertake a theory assessment and a practical skills assessment.


The theory part of the course is typically delivered over half a day, with additional time required for supervised practices and assessments.

MiDAS Refresher


To keep a MiDAS certificate valid, a Refresher course must be undertaken every 4 years. From 2nd January 2024, drivers requiring a Standard Refresher course will be completing the new MiDAS Standard course in full.

This means that there will not be any MiDAS Standard Refresher courses until late 2027.

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